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Men’s Association

What It’s About – Golfers are invited to join this fun and relaxed league, which meets each Wednesday starting in April and going through September. The tee sheet is reserved for league members from 3:00-6:00 pm weekly, but you are welcome to play any time earlier in the day, if desired. Tee times will be required for play and can be done by calling (217) 586-2183 up to 7 days in advance. Included in the $50 membership fee is a CDGA handicap, which is required for play, since we flight players by skill level each week. Please note, all golfers are responsible for their applicable green fee and $5 game of day, each week. As a reminder, Anniversary Passes do not cover league green fees.

  • Membership – $50.00
  • Event (Prize Fund) – $5.00

* Plus Applicable Green and Cart Fees

Mens Association 2024 Schedule




  • June 5 – Fill Your Quota - Results
  • June 12 – 2 Man Shamble** - Results
  • June 19 – Low Net - Results
  • June 26 – No Alibi 


  • July 3 – Red, White, & Blue 
  • July 10 – Skins** 
  • July 17 – 2 Man Scramble 
  • July 24 – Best 8 Holes
  • July 31 - Net Par Points


  • August 7 – Skins
  • August 14 – String Game**
  • August 21 – Low Net 
  • August 28 – Red Tee Skins 


  • September 4 – Blind Draw Partners 
  • September 11 – 2 Man Better Ball** 
  • September 18 – Skins 
  • September 25 – Night Golf 


  • October 9 – Fall Dinner and Meeting – 6:00 p.m. (RSVP to Pro Shop by Oct 2nd)

**These days will be played on the Back 9!

Handicaps – All participants must have a CDGA Handicap to participate in weekly events, this shows that you have paid your dues and entered scores on a consistent basis. If you do not enter Association scores, they may be entered for you by the Golf Course Staff. Individuals playing without a handicap after July 1 will be placed in the “A” Flight for scoring purposes.

Format – The game changes each week – Players may move the ball up to a scorecard length to improve their lie until they reach the putting surface. Golfers may also lift, rake, and place in all bunkers.

Hole in One Fund – A player making a Hole In One during Wednesday Men’s League (within the 9 holes of that day’s play), will receive a prize of $200 in Shop Credit.


2 Man Better Ball

The two players on the team each play their own ball throughout the round. The low net score, or better ball, among the two on each hole is the team’s score for that hole. Player’s will receive 90% of their course handicap and teams are flighted by total team handicap.

2-Man Scramble

You and your partner tee off, the best tee shot is selected and both will play their second shots from that spot. Teams will continue to select the best shot until the ball is holed recording only one per score per hole. A players receive 35% of their course handicap and B players receive 15% of their course handicap for the event.

2 Man Shamble

2-Man Team, select the best tee shot on each hole then BOTH players play their own ball from that position into the hole. Players will receive 60% of their handicap and teams will record all scores on the scorecard to make an 18 hole total.

Best 8 Holes

At the conclusion of play, each player is allowed to subtract their (1) worst hole.  Players are flighted, and handicaps are appiled to determine final score.

Blind Draw Partners

Golfers will play their own ball and turn their scorecard into the pro shop upon finishing. Once all golfers have completed their round, staff will randomly pair players together and take the best net score on each hole to make a 9 hole total. Players will receive 90% of their course handicap and teams are flighted by total team handicap.

Fill Your Quota

Each player is given a point quota based on his course handicap. The objective is to be the player with the most points over your quota within your flight.

Point Scoring

  • Bogey: 1
  • Par: 2
  • Birdie: 4
  • Eagle: 8

Night Golf

Each player will need at least one glow ball that can be purchased in the pro shop.

4 Player Teams – 18 Hole Scramble format starting at dark on the par 3 course.

No Alibi Tourney

Instead of deducting handicap at the end, players are allowed to replay the number of shots equaling 1/4 of their course handicap during the round. All golfers will be flighted by course handicap to level the playing field.

Net Par Points

Your mission is simple: shoot net par (or better!). With that in mind, look at the hole in front of you, and consider what tees you should play in order to get that net par. Players will receive points based on their starting yardage and will be flighted by handicap.

Red, White & Blue

The Player decides which tees to use: 3 REDS 3 WHITES 3 BLUES

Skins Game

Golfers play their own ball and turn in their scorecard for a 9 hole total. Staff will flight players based on course handicap and will pay out the low score on each hole within the flight. If no skins are won, all players will receive back 80% of their entry fee ($4.00).

String Game

Player receives 12 inches of string for each 9 hole handicap stroke. Use string to gain advantage by moving ball with amounts of string.  Cust and discard string as it is used.  

Total Combined Score

Combine the total net scores of you and your partner to determine an 18 hole score. Players will receive 100% of their course handicap for the event.