Men’s Association 2018

Membership – $40.00

Event (Prize Fund) – $ 5.00

* Plus Applicable Green and Cart Fees

Mens Association 2018 Schedule

  • April 25 – Skins
  • May 2 – 2-Man Scramble
  • May 9 – Blind Draw Partners**
  • May 16 – Fill Your Quota
  • May 23 – 2-Man Better Ball
  • May 30 – Green Tee Skins
  • June 6 – Total Combined Score – Partners
  • June 13 – Proxy’s**
  • June 20 – Skins
  • June 27 – Red, White, & Blue
  • July 4 – NO LEAGUE PLAY
  • July 11 – 3-Man Scramble**
  • July 18 – Skins/Drive, Chip & Putt Finals (7:00 p.m.)
  • July 25 – Ladies Tee Party


  • August 1 – No Alibi Tourney
  • August 8 – 2-Man Better Ball**
  • August 15 – Skins
  • August 22 – Alternate Shot 
  • August 29 – Red, White, & Why Did I Birdie
  • September 5 – Shamble
  • September 12 – 2-Man Green Tee Scramble **
  • September 19 – Skins
  • September 26 – Fall Meeting/Dinner – 6:00 p.m.; Night Golf – 7:30 p.m.
  • October 3 – Night Golf Rain Date

**These days will be played on the Back 9!

NOTE: All participants must have a CDGA Handicap to participate in weekly events. This shows that you have paid your dues and entered scores on a consistent basis.

If you do not enter Association scores, they may be entered for you by the Golf Course Staff.

Individuals playing without a handicap after July 1 will be placed in the “A” Flight for scoring purposes.

The ball may be played up, moving ball a scorecard length, in like conditions, no closer to the hole.

Game Formats

Match Play

Please Sign up for the Handicap Match Play by June 1st.

To be eligible, you must have at least 5 CDGA posted scores from the current handicap season. Remember, you may combine two 9 hole scores to post an 18 hole score.

Skins Game

Each skins game will be broken into flights.

The number of flights and your position in flights varies from week to week depending on the number of participants and their handicaps.

Pay $5.00 entry at the Pro Shop. If no skins are won, then entry will carry over until next time skins are played. Turn in your scorecard w/first and last name at the desk. All prizes awarded in Pro Shop credit.

Red, White & Why Did I Birdie?????

Each player begins on the white tees of hole #1. Depending on your gross score, play the proper tees on the next hole:

  • Double Bogey or higher – Red Tees
  • Bogey – Green Tees
  • Par – White Tees
  • Birdie/Eagle/Albatross – Blue Tees
Red, White & Blue Individual

The Player decides which tees to use:

9-Hole Event: 3 REDS 3 WHITES 3 BLUES

Total Combined Score

Combine the gross scores of you and your partner to determine score for the 9 holes. Pro Shop staff will apply handicap for final result.

2-Man and 3-Man Scramble

18 Hole Course (9 Hole event)

Pro Shop staff will deduct teams handicap from final score.


Each hole will have a different proxy contest (i.e. Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, Long Putt Made, etc.).

No Alibi Tourney

9 Hole Event

Instead of deducting handicap at the end, players are allowed to replay the number of shots equaling one-quarter of hdcp. during round.

16 Hdcp. = 4 replays.

Alternate Shot

Each player hits their tee shot on hole #1. The players then choose the best drive and alternate shots from that position. The player that makes the putt does not tee off on the next hole, continuing to alternate shots until the round is completed.

Chicago Point Quota System

18 Hole Course (9 Hole event)

Each player is given a point quota based on his handicap. The object is to be the player with the most points over your quota.


Point Scoring

Bogey: 1

Par: 2

Birdie: 4

Eagle: 8

2 Man Better Ball

18 hole Course (9 hole event)

Take the better ball of 2 for score on each hole. Subtract team handicap from total. To calculate team hdcp. average your two hdcps over 9 holes, use 90% of the result.


Larry = 14 hdcp. || Moe = 12 hdcp. || Team shoots 36

Team: 14 + 12 = 26 || 26 / 4 = 6.5 || 6.5 x .9 = 5.85

36 gross – 5.85 = 30.15 net.

Ladies Tee Party

2 Man Scramble from the Red Tees.

Night Golf

Each player will need at least one glow ball and one glow stick.

Both may be purchased in the pro shop.

4 Player Teams – Scramble format. Play starts at dark. Par 3 Course 18 holes.

2, 3, or 4 man teams. Each player hits tee shot. Select best tee shot and each player plays own ball for rest of hole from that tee shot.